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KAMF is dedicated to bringing cultures and enriching lives through music for the greater Los Angeles area. KAMF has provided performance opportunities for young talented musicians and educational opportunities for the local youth, school and cultural groups in Southern California. The focal point of our Foundation, the Korean American Youth Symphony (KAYS), was created to give our students an opportunity to showcase their talents in an orchestra setting, as well as provide scholarships to those with exceptional promise. The name notwithstanding, our program is not limited to Korean Americans. The orchestra includes youth from other ethnic groups and serves the general population.

Under the auspices of the Korean American Music Foundation, the Symphony Orchestra was created as a key means to contribute to the local culture of Los Angeles. Given today's climate for the arts, it is our mission to continue the classical aspects of music with the future of our generation. Keeping the arts alive and teaching our children the cultural and historical aspects of this time-revered musical tradition are our primary goals. Providing them with scholarships so they can follow their musical endeavors and elevate their talent is our approach.

However, the goals of KAYS are not limited to musical events; searching, recruiting and promoting young, talented performers are also a key function of the organization. Nurturing and honing their talents, KAYS is planning to create a platform for these musicians and present them to mainstream American society. Our Youth Symphony aims to expand the students' education, give our members the exposure at playing in world class music halls and the chance to play with other distinguished soloists and orchestra musicians, as well as to serve their community through performances at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Zipper Concert Hall, University of Southern California, amongst other venues. In 2009, the Korean American Youth Symphony was chosen to be a part of the LA Philharmonic's Youth Orchestra Partner Program! We joined with LA Phil musicians in a deep-rooted tradition of mentorship. These vital relationships are cultivated through access to coaching sessions, master classes, and concert tickets which prepare students for the unforgettable opportunity to perform on the stage of Walt Disney Concert Hall.